February 26, 2020 ERB Meeting

The City of New Orleans Ethics Review Board will meet on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 3:30 P.M. The meeting will take place at Council Chambers, New Orleans City Hall, 1300 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

  1. Approval of minutes of previous board meeting (Chair).
  2. Discussion of monthly report from the Office of Inspector General (Chair).
  3. Discussion of monthly report from the Office of Independent Police Monitor (Chair).
  4. Discussion of possible evaluators for OIPM 2020 peer review (Chair).
  5. Discussion of monthly report from the Ethics Trainer (Chair).
  6. Report of Executive Administrator and General Counsel (Chair).
  7. Discussion of periodic review of ERB Rules (Calderon).
  8. Discussion of 2020 ERB Awards Program (Ricks).
  9. Discussion of ERB 2019 Annual Report and vote to authorize Dr. Ricks to finalize and submit report (Ricks).
  10. Executive session pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statutes section 42:17(A)(4) to discuss investigative proceedings regarding allegations of misconduct.
  11. Adjournment (Chair).

For a PDF version of the agenda with all attached monthly reports and other items, click here: Agenda and Attachments for February 26, 2020 ERB Meeting.